Saturday, October 8, 2016

Teacher Feature: Somni!

We are pleased to welcome back Somni - this year as Core Instructors offering TWO workshops - one on Friday and one on Sunday!

Somni is Letty Limbach and Sarah Kate Moore. They strive to create dynamic, mischievous tribal fusion that draws from many forms of world dance. Having completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Phases I and II, both members of Somni have also trained extensively with their dance mentor Lacey Sanchez of Florida Tribal Dance. Well known in Seattle for their dynamic, surprising performances, they are inspired by diverse forms of dance including Raks Sharki, ATS and ITS, tribal fusion, hip hop, modern/contemporary, tango, and Middle Eastern and North African folkloric forms.

Friday: 10:30-12pm Contemporary Stylizations
Many of us love the rich aesthetics of belly dance that draw from the past - the Victorian, the Art Nouveau, the tarnished but still sparkly shinies - but what if you want to look towards the present or even the future for inspiration? In this workshop, we'll explore contemporary stylizations in both movement and costume. Drawing inspiration from hip hop and modern dance forms, we'll first look at how we can adapt shape, structure, posture, and attitude to create a contemporary aesthetic using the vocabulary of belly dance. You'll then either create your own combination using these concepts or we'll teach a combination that illustrates these concepts. We'll then move to the costuming realm to discuss how you can adapt these same ideas to creating a unique costume that complements/accentuates the contemporary aesthetics of the movement, while still honoring the costuming lineage of our dance form. This will be a combination movement and discussion class and will include take-home handouts and direction toward relevant resources.

Sunday: 1:30pm-3:00pm Intentional JuxtapositionThis thoughtful article by fusion dancer Hilde Cannoodt has been making the rounds: We love what Hilde has to say about the importance of avoiding unintentional juxtaposition. It also made us wonder--what does intentional juxtaposition look like?--and how can we use it to create motivated, inspirational, badass fusion dance? Get ready to explore any and all movement and dance forms you have experience with to create your own "intentionally juxtaposed" combination. This will be a combo discussion/movement class with a focus on personal exploration, including take-home handouts and direction toward relevant resourc

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