Saturday, October 8, 2016

Featured Teachers & Musicians: The Ghosts Project

The Ghosts Project are a band that are near and dear to our hearts.  They were part of the very first (and second) Waking Persephone (back in Providence, RI), and we're thrilled to have them return for Year 5.

Formed in 2006, The Ghosts Project is comprised of Paul Mercer on violin and Davis Petterson on percussion. The band, which is located in Atlanta, features an ever changing lineup of special guest musicians from all over the country.

Paul Mercer began studying violin at age 8, and has performed professionally for over twenty years, His current and past projects include The Changlings, Jill Tracy's Malcontent Orchestra, Faith and the Muse, DP3, Brass Knuckle Surfer and The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult. Davis Petterson has been a percussionist for twenty years and has performed with bands such as The Changlings, The Hellblinki Sextet, Strezo, Abney Park, The Nathaniel Johnstone Band and Soriah. They will be joined in Seattle by multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone.

The band frequently works with a variety of dancers, pulling not only from their own songs, but creating live improvised music on the spot. This is their third year performing at Waking Persephone, and each year as part of the Gala Shows, the performing dancer gives the band 3 words or phrases, which inspires the music they create right then and there.

Their workshop takes place on Friday 4:30-6pm Dancing To & With a Live Band
Learn the art of improvisation and how to perform with a live band from The Ghosts Project. The percussion, violin & guitar trio will teach you how to adapt your belly dance moves to the spontaneity of live musician with an emphasis on communication between dancer and musician.

And don't miss them making musical magic live at BOTH Gala Shows and dance with them yourself at the Underworld Ball!

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