Sunday, October 2, 2016

Teacher Feature: Kryss

Waking Persephone is excited to include Kryss as one of our guest instructors! She will be offering the following workshop:

Raqs Duende (Flamenco Fusion)
Saturday, October 15th 10:45AM-12:15PM

Flamenco is intense passion and deep immersion into the soul. To fuse Flamenco and Belly Dance is to cross a small strip of water that divides two amazingly beautiful cultures. By taking the upper body stylings of Flamenco, the signature turn, “vuelta que brada”, paseos and marking steps and layering with the hip, chest and torso isolations of Belly Dance there is a fusion that comes from the depths of the body and soul. Workshop focus is on arms, posture & attitude..

More about Kryss
We all come to dance from different places on the planet, in our hearts and in our minds. We come here because something stirs in our Souls when we hear the music all around us. I started in the rigidity and conformity of Ballet, was pulled back to dance in college to add Modern and Jazz to my body's vocabulary, and once the pre-requisites of early adulthood were fulfilled, I found my way to Middle Eastern Dance. My cells hold information about Flamenco and the Indian Classical style, Mohini Attam. When I dove into Dance meditation as a dance and personal practice, I figured out that Dance was basically painting with breath and that so much could be learned about Self and Community through Dance and I feel great Joy in seeing these connections created in others.

My stats... Dance Minor from Newcomb College, trained at Boston School of Ballet and Walnut Hill School of Performing Arts. Soloist with Betty Karam & the Desert Dancers, and !Ole Flamenco Ole! in New Orleans. I'm the director of NOLAmazigh and owner of Crescent Lotus Dance Studio. I hold a Teacher Certification in Dancemeditation from the Dervish Society of America. I've studied dance on 2 continents with some truly amazing people.

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