Sunday, October 2, 2016

Teacher Feature: Leigh Anne Shaw

Waking Persephone is thrilled to welcome Leigh Anne Shaw as a guest instructor this year! She will be teaching the following workshop:

The Shape of the Sun: ATS® Basket Dialect by Al-hambra Tribal Dance
Saturday, October 15th 1:15-2:45PM

Learn an exciting new movement dialect for American Tribal Style® Belly Dance that seamlessly integrates baskets into slow and fast ATS® vocabulary. The shape of the basket fused into the ATS® vocabulary recalls iconic postures and ancient symbols while remaining totally improvisational and ready to enhance any ATS® set. Created and taught by an FCBD Sister Studio, this movement dialect requires familiarity with the FatChanceBellyDance® instructional series through Volume 9. Please bring a round basket or object suitable for balancing and manipulating, appropriate headwrap, and knee protection. A limited number of baskets will be available for use and sale.

More about Leigh Anne:
Leigh Anne Shaw is grateful to have discovered American Tribal Style belly dance in 2004. After performing with student troupe Nefer Tem and FCBD® sister troupe Saiidi, Leigh Anne received her FCBD® General Skills and FCBD® Teacher Training certification in 2010 and became an official FCBD® Sister Studio, teaching ATS® on the San Francisco peninsula. Her troupe, Al-hambra Tribal Dance, performs in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to the years of instruction at the ATS® Mothership, Leigh Anne credits the development of her personal style to her studies with Ariellah, Nanna Candelaria, Malia DeFelice, Asia Arabesque, Andrea Sendek, and Wendy Marlatt. Leigh Anne performs world fusion belly dance on occasion with Wendy Marlatt in a sassy duet known as Rashani.

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